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The Music School in Falköping

The Music School in Falköping is for people of all ages in the municipality but first and foremost for school children and young adults. The school offers a wide variety of music classes from qualified teachers and is a stimulating part of many youngsters’ formative years and helps develope their interests.

The school is not compulsory and for the most part lessons are held after school hours.
Students can choose from many activities such as playing an instrument, singing, dancing or learning how to be a majorette. There are also many possibilites to work in groups.

Over the course of a year a student receives a minimum of 25 lessons, either individually or in a group. The lessons vary in time from 20 minutes (single student) to 60 minutes (group).

At the music school you become part of a community. Our students are mostly between the ages of 4 and 19 but we have adult students as well. Youngsters are prioritized but adults are welcome if there are availble lessons.

Our youngsters are insured the entire time they are enrolled in the music school as well as regular school. You can read more about insurance on the municipality’s website.